Balderstone Parish Council

Balderstone Parish Council holds meetings four time a year usually in March, June, September and November. The AGM when the officers are elected takes place immediately before the normal meeting that occurs in May. The meetings are held at Mellor Brook Community Centre, BB2 7PR starting at 8:00pm. Meetings are open to the public and there is always an item on the agenda when members of the public can raise any issues that concern them. More info..

BPC Meeting Agenda – September 30th 2020


Local Government Act 1972


The meeting will be held at Mellor Brook Community Centre on WEDNESDAY 30 September 2020, starting at 8.00pm

whilst Press & Public may attend, they must book an appointment with Interim Parish Clerk in order to ensure numbers do not exceed Government Guidance Social Distancing will apply and all need to wear face masks.

  1. To lift the Emergency Powers previously approved for the period of Covid 19 and the subsequent exten- sion approved.
  2. To receive and approve apologies for absence
  3. To receive declarations of pecuniary or personal interest
  4. Adjournment for Public Session (Max 5 minutes per person) Public
  5. To resolve to confirm and approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 05 September 2020
  6. Any Matters arising from the minutes not covered on this Agenda FOR INFORMATION ONLY
  7. To consider any response to be made to Planning Applications
    1. a)  Members to note the following have been approved: 3/2020/0551 BAe Warehouse Building
      3/2020/0582 BAe Warehouse Building
    2. b)  3/2020/0607 Clare Cottage Nightfield Lane (demolish existing garage, new double garage, 2 storey extension) has been circulated to PC
    3. c)  3/2020/0668 Land adjacent to Whalley Road for 2 open market & 3 affordable houses, resubmission of 3/2019/1120 (Members had consulted on this application by email & a letter of objection has been submitted)
  8. To consider and approve the Accounts, Payments, Receipts & Balances since August 2020

a) To consider items with potential costs as part of a Draft Budget for 2021/22 financial year

  1. To consider and approve the editorship, format, content and costs for a Parish Council Newsletter
  2. To consider and approve developments and costs for the Parish Council website, especially compliance with accessibility requirements effective 23 September 2020 ; also to consider Parish map & Councillor details.
  3. To consider and approve any arrangements and actions for Remembrance Sunday including any financial support for Books of Remembrance
  4. To consider and approve any improvements to be carried out to footpaths in the Parish utilizing the £500 grant from LCC Public Rights of Way grant.
  5. To consider and approve any actions regarding the Vacancy for Parish Clerk
  6. Date of next scheduled meeting Wednesday 25th November 2020 To be confirmed following the latestGovernment Guidance

Teresa Taylor Interim Acting Parish Clerk (Tel 01200 422607)

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A new initiative aims to get the county talking about how we can improve our Neighbourhood Policing services.

Following on from a successful pilot in Hyndburn in January this year, the programme called Lancashire Talking, asks a few online questions about what it’s like to live in your area and aims to find out what issues matter most to your community. It is also an opportunity for you to raise any concerns you may have.

Significantly, the feedback received via Lancashire Talking enables our Neighbourhood Policing Teams, together with partner agencies, to act on the information received and tackle the issues raised. 

In doing so, you are given a voice in how we prioritise our Neighbourhood Policing activity. 

Members of our community messaging system In The Know will then receive updates from their Neighbourhood Policing Team about the action taken to tackle their community’s local issues.

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